What my clients say of my work...

I’ve been seeing Francesco for shiatsu regularly for about a year. For me (because I’m blessed with good health), good bodywork is not about dealing with ailments or pathologies, rather an essential component of on-going self-care. I’ve worked with many body-workers in different modalities over many years and I consider Francesco to be a very gifted practitioner. He offers gentle, full presence and attention and works intuitively and responsively. Working with him has been enormously helpful in helping to navigate a major life transition, working at the level of body energy and body memory in a profound way. I can highly recommend him.
— Gus MacLeod 
Going through a difficult period in my life, I needed to calm myself and knew shiatsu would help to get me to that stillness feeling, as I had treatments before. Francesco gave me what my mind and body needed and gave me the ‘lift’, I was looking for. Francesco is an excellent practitioner and treats you as a whole person and is a great benefit to the shiatsu profession. Looking forward to every treatment
— Margot Jhonston
I had a series of 6 treatments with Francesco, hoping to deal with my mood swing, depression and lower back pain. After each session I truly felt my energy shift and gained some insightful realizations about patterns in my life which I was not aware of, and which were contributing to my condition. Improvements were truly surprising and very real! Truly a magical healing experience and I would highly recommended Francesco’s gentle and skillful attitude to his work
— Lucia Cambi 
I emerged in a cloud of calm...for those moments allowing my body to let go and be held in a conscious, intuitive and nurturing space.
— Roberta
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Francesco is a naturally intuitive, gentle and nurturing practitioner. He’s helped me enormously with physical issues, which are usually connected to emotional issues. I feel safe in his presence, which is important for me, and feel listened to. 
As an holistic therapy, Francesco’s Shiatsu leaves me standing taller and feeling grounded, deals gently with my neck tension, has helped me sleep better and let go of anxiety. 
As an ex-massage therapist myself, with 30 years experience I know there are, sadly, many ‘alternative’ practices out there performed by people with too little training and too much belief; Francesco is not one of them. 
I cannot recommend him highly enough.
— Sarah Domestic
I have been receiving treatments from Francesco regularly.  I appreciate his depth of knowledge, exceptional intuition and energy. A very gifted practitioner, I would even say healer, one of Edinburgh’s finest.Highly recommended to anyone, very personable, sensitive and professional.
— Helen Mayafari
I have shiatsu sessions with Francesco to help release my breath and find a greater sense of space in the body. As a singer and performer, I have found this body work increasingly useful to rebalance the internal system and energies. After my sessions with Francesco I felt an ease and opening throughout my body; particularly my chest and pelvis, a noticeably deeper sense of breath and a general calmness throughout my system. Francesco offers authentic and deep listening in the session, and I would highly recommend his professional and gentle approach !
— Emily Phillips
My experience with Francesco has been great and unique. He has an innate way of healing being able to “listen” to your body and follow intuitively the work that is needed at that specific time. Going for a Shiatsu treatment with him has also been a way to discover more about my body and about myself.
He has been real medicine for whenever my body has been out of alignment in the physical, mental and emotional aspects.
I would definitely recommend getting Shiatsu treatment from Francesco, surely you will get the benefit in many ways!
— Arantxa Serrate Cortés 
I would fully recommend a course of shiatsu treatment from Francesco. I began seeing him at the end of August to help rehabilitation after a trapped nerve in my neck. The treatment was extremely helpful in my recovery and in encouraging me to explore and manage negative patterns which were contributing to the injury, especially in terms of boundaries and letting go of work and life pressures. It was an essential healing space for me at a stressful time in my life. During and after each session I felt very much listened to, grounded and calmed. Francesco is a highly professional, caring and nurturing practitioner and I could not recommend him more highly.
— Gráinne Ravani Foster
Francesco is a wonderful shiatsu practitioner who not only knows his stuff but is also incredibly intuitive. He asks a lot of questions and actually listens to what you have to say, using this information to not only know and understand his client but to provide the best treatment. He is kind and supportive and offers advice pertaining to your particular situation. I would recommend him without question.
— Sumar Williams 
Francesco created a warmly welcoming safe space where I could totally relax into the experience. He brings loving presence to the creation of a beautiful soundscape. Harmony, melody and rhythm combine to allow the heart to open and expand. Deeply peaceful and soul-enriching. Highly recommended
— Mike Spring
I had a treatment with Francesco last year and it brilliant. I felt aligned and energised, yet also very relaxed. Francesco is highly sensitive and intuitive, and was able to respond to my body’s needs most professionally. Highly recommended!
— Katie Apple Oswell