Workplace Chair massage (in Offices)

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I offer on-site Seated Shiatsu session on workplaces, providing calming treatments to staff, designed to awaken and invigorate.  Sessions can last from 5 to 30 minutes and focus on relaxing high stress areas around the head, neck, shoulders and back. You will feel the difference in just 10 minutes.



Benefits for Managers

A seated chair massage can make a difference to your staff morale, help to improve productivity and generally help to make staff feel extra special. All  staff finish their session feeling re-energized and focussed so they can return to work immediately. 

"The two days went so well thank you. Everyone clearly enjoyed it and felt relaxed and energised afterwards”
Operations manager High street retail chain

Benefits For Employees

An onsite chair massage can provide a relaxing and therapeutic experience in many ways including:

  • Relief from aching muscles

  • Soothing nerves & boosting morale

  • Increased mental clarity

  • Heightened productivity

  • Reduction of stress and Tension

We all expect to live longer and be at work longer, so taking care of our bodies is essential if we are going to stay fit and healthy. An onsite chair massage is one step closer to achieving this.


On-Site Service 

I come to you at your office,  saving time and making it easier for staff to access the service.  The member of staff is positioned fully clothed and comfortably seated in the specially designed massage chair.

Chair massages are un-intrusive and I can  provide the service anywhere (e.g. it can be a corner of the office, a small meeting room). However, there should be enough space around the chair for me to move around. Also, no oil or cream is used during the session. In just 10 – 15 minutes your member of staff can experience complete relaxation through the release of retained stress and tension


(Minimum booking 2 hours)

A 15 minute treatment is the most popular treatment length. For large volume of staff a series of 5 minute sessions can be arranged. To enhance the quality of the experience, a 5 minute change-over is scheduled between each treatment.


Based on the same principle of Shiatsu, a Seated Shiatsu session will work on pressure points on the head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and back. It helps to improve the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems while, at the same time, reducing blood pressure. As toxins are also released into the bloodstream it is important for the client to drink plenty of water to encourage their elimination. The client is seated on a specially designed ergonomic chair which provides support at key areas (forearms, chest, buttocks, knees and head) to allow as full and relaxing a posture as possible.


"Francesco's treatments were extremely useful in aiding my rehabilitation after a trapped nerve in my neck. The sessions also encouraged me to explore and manage negative patterns which were contributing to the injury, especially in terms of boundaries and letting go of work and life pressures. It was an essential healing space at a stressful time in my life. During and after each session I felt very much listened to, grounded and calmed."

Grainne Foster