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On this website you can find out more about the services and therapy I offer, including         Shiatsu Bodywork, Thai MassageSound Healing and Body Movement practices.  

About "Resonance"    

Everything and everyone in the Universe is in a state of vibrational energy that constantly radiates and receives different frequencies (pitches), whether they are audible to the human ear or not.

Everything has an ideal vibration where that state brings it into harmony with its surroundings. When something vibrates disharmoniously problems are likely to follow. When we resonate with something it means it appeals to us because there is harmony in what we see, hear, feel, and so on. Compare the painful screeching of brakes to the delight of a song. Compare the appeal of a fine painting to the unappealing stain of leftover paints congealing in the bottom of a paint tin.

When our body, mind and emotions are vibrating at the optimum level we feel happy, content and healthy. When they vibrate at incorrect frequencies, we feel unhappy, discontented and unhealthy.

Fortunately, there are standard blueprints of harmonious vibrations which, through bodywork and other types of resonance-based therapy, we can draw upon to restore "ease" and balance. 

Bodywork Therapy


Shiatsu and Thai Massage
are forms of Oriental medicine working with the whole person rather than just treating specific symptoms.  It can help with a wide variety of physical issues, pain and misalignment, as well as helping with a wide variety of mental, emotional and spiritual unbalances. 


Sound Healing


Harvesting the power of vibration and harmonic frequency of many resonant instruments can help to restore the balance of body, mind and spirit. I offer sound healing sessions both as stand-alone treatments or integrated in otherbodywork sessions (Shiatsu and Thai Massage) 

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Qi-Gong & Free-Flow Movement Classes

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Qi-Gong means "working with the Qi energy", the all-pervading vital life force that keep us alive.

As Qi circulates in our body in energetic pathways called meridians, it nourishes our body, internal organs, and promotes our emotional, psychological and spiritual balance and well-being. When our Qi does not flow smoothly dis-ease (which is a lack of ease) can manifest in our body and mind.

Inspired by many years of personal movement practice I also developed a style of Free-Flow-Movement classes to facilitate the individual exploration and application of Qi-Gong principles to free-body movements (and Dance ) as a way to enjoy ourselves, improve our range of movements and nurture our creative body expressions.